Finding Champions

Relationships with individuals who help you learn about and navigate the organization, and refine and advocate for your proposal.

  • Champions are trusted persons by/in leadership involved directly or indirectly in shepherding the decision on your contract/proposal (e.g. CMO, chief quality officer, chief safety officer, DON, and CEO/President, team leaders, HIMT officers).
  • Champions will often approach you.
  • Utilize champions to better understand the hospital’s:
    • Values and culture
    • Barriers, concerns, challenges
    • Opportunities
    • Pathways for decisions, timelines, and outcomes
  • Seek to understand your champions’ needs and how you can help solve problems that concern them.
  • Help champions address your case from the perspective of fiscal prudence. Even if the hiring panel unanimously agrees that your proposal is needed, finance has veto authority and may conduct a cost-benefit analysis. Key motivators for finance include:
    • Government mandates
    • Financially positive revenue
    • Lives saved
    • Risk mitigation
    • Malpractice avoidance
  • Be aware that champions may be limited to a few minutes to present the case/advocate for you, and that this time will decrease as the decision goes up the administrative ladder. Provide information that clearly and quickly conveys how your proposal solves key issues within the given parameters.