Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice (KAP) Assessments

  • Questionnaires selected as tools to better understand stakeholders in outbreak preparedness and response.
  • To learn about the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) that make up the setting where implementing an intervention.
  • KAP tools may not apply “out of the box” to the setting and will need to be adapted to the facility’s needs.


Questionnaire Description & Intended Use Example Study
Evidence-Based Practice Attitudes Scale (EBPAS)


Assesses providers’ feelings about interventions and treatments. Brief questionnaire with good predictive validity. Aarons, G. A., Green, A. E., Willging, C. E., Ehrhart, M. G., Roesch, S. C., Hecht, D. B., & Chaffin, M. J. (2014). Mixed-method study of a conceptual model of evidence-based intervention sustainment across multiple public-sector service settings. Implementation Science, 9(1), 183.
Implementation Citizenship Behavior Scale (ICBS)

(permission required from Ehrhart and Aarons)

Assesses the behaviors employees perform that exceed their expected job tasks to support the implementation of evidence-based practice Ehrhart, M.G., Aarons, G.A., & Farahnak, L.R. (2015). Going above and beyond for implementation: the development and validity testing of the Implementation Citizenship Behavior Scale (ICBS). Implementation Science, 10(1), 65
Organizational Readiness for Change (TCU-ORC)


Good face validity, widely used measure Lehman WEK, Greener JM, Simpson DD. Assessing organizational readiness
for change. J Subst Abuse Treat. 2002;22:197–209
AHRQ Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) Curriculum divided into a three-phased process to create and sustain a culture of safety:

  • Pre-training assessment for site readiness
  • Training for onsite trainers and health care staff
  • Implementation and sustainment
Stead, K., Kumar, S., Schultz, T. J., Tiver, S., Pirone, C. J., Adams, R. J., & Wareham, C. A. (2009). Teams communicating through STEPPS. The Medical Journal of Australia, 190(11), 128.