Next Steps

  • Waiting to hear back
  • In-processing/the contract

Waiting to hear back:

  • Be prepared to wait.
  • Keep track of timelines.
  • Stay in communication with champions.

Your contract with the hospital should:

  • Define the services you will provide
  • Establish where duty lies. Are you are signing an exclusive service provision? If not, are you expected to handle conflicts with other hospitals? For example, when contracting with multiple local facilities during a disaster, what does the hospital expect, and what is feasible if you are needed at all facilities?
  • Define compensation and the block billing standard (e.g. 15 minute, hour, event, or other increment and invoicing)
  • Determine your availability requirements
  • Ensure indemnification for non-clinical services. Malpractice insurance may not cover non-clinical issues. The hospital should provide indemnification for administrative services as a provision of the contract under the hospital’s umbrella or self-insured plan
  • Define resources provided and access to infrastructure, technology, and groups/leadership
  • In-processing:
    • Identify the modes of contacting you (e.g. cell phone, home phone, office phone, etc.) Eliminate unnecessary steps so the hospital can reach you easily if needed.
    • Obtain cell phone, land lines, and alternate contact (spouse, radio frequency, etc.) of all of the members your team
    • Obtain contact numbers for the local health department and other leaders such as the sheriff, chief of police, and fire department leaders.