Principles of message development and roll out via verbal and visual communications.

Dissemination involves “targeted distribution of information and materials to a specific practice audience.”

Message Development

  • Demonstrate that you know and understand stakeholders’ points of view. When developing messages, reflect on what you have learned about their:
    • Values
    • Incentives (how they will benefit)
    • Concerns
    • Barriers and how they’ll be addressed
  • Use personal pronouns (“I” or “We”) rather than institutional nouns (“The Department of Health,” “this hospital”).
  • Create redundancy – people get their information in different ways, and often need to receive it numerous times to process and integrate it into what they do.
  • Put a face to a name – identify leaders and champions ready to reassure stakeholders and help them commit to the policy.

Roll Out

“Pass the Baton”

Roll out may involve the following departments/roles:

  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • IT
  • Facility Management

AHRQ’s TeamSTEPPS communications framework includes mnemonics to check the completeness, clarity, and utility of the team’s messaging. The mnemonic “BATON” helps team members check that they have the information they need to communicate team decisions.

  • Background:
  • Action:
  • Timing:
  • Owner(s):
  • Next steps:

Educating Your Workforce

How to Plan a COVID-19 Vaccines Listening Session Series (pdf slide deck built around Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) improvement framework)

Communications Vehicles

Visual Communications
  • Charts and diagrams – printed/electronic/app
  • Infographics – printed/electronic
  • Poster
  • Hospital channel
  • Flair to show commitment (e.g. badges, poster with signatures, pins)
  • Signage (e.g. sign on bins for depositing masks for reprocessing, COVID unit precautions, entryway doors for symptomatic patients, designated hallways, etc.)
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Interactive module
Verbal Communications
  • Rounding
  • Internal-use website
  • List serv
  • Emails (hospital, unit, department, role)
  • Department/unit meeting
  • Handouts/summaries
  • Checklist – printed/electronic/app
  • Facility/institution Town Hall
  • Information session
  • Lecture
  • EHR prompt
  • EHR banner
  • Text push
  • Digital signage (e.g. LED)
  • PA system


Last updated August 24, 2021