Getting Started

SHEA members have the expertise, knowledge, and training to advise businesses in how to safely reopen in the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Many members are being asked for their input into COVID-19 policies and procedures specific to different business and their operations. A successful consulting practice, even if the intention is to provide services short-term, should have certain financial and legal structures in place.

  • Talk to your accountant about the tax implications of starting a consulting and how to separate the income and expenses to make it easy for you to file income taxes.
  • Engage a local legal professional for an assessment on how to set up your new business and structure for liability.
  • Ensure legal review of contracts before signing.
  • Create a cost/benefit analysis to explain the value your services provide and determine the rate to charge for your services. Consider both hourly costs for short engagements and a package cost for a group of services.
  • Write and be prepared to explain succinctly, and in detail, how you can help a potential client solve their problem and what services you will provide.
  • Reach out to business networks in your community to offer your services.
  • Leverage your existing relationships. See SHEA’s draft press release as a way to help spread the word.
  • Hit your deadlines and stay organized throughout the interaction with the client. The best way to leverage your consulting is through word of mouth and testimonials.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to others to share experiences and get ideas. Use the MySHEA group as a starting point to connect.
  • Create a website with your expertise, how you can help, and how someone can contact you.