Sample Team Member Invitation

Dear [Invitee],

We [you, co-lead, facility leader] are forming a team to help guide and implement policies and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to make sure decisions are informed by the perspectives and experiences of your [stakeholder group] and others. We would like to invite you to serve as a member of this leadership team.

The commitment will involve email correspondence, brief video-conferencing and/or in-person meetings focused on establishing a common understanding of the situations facing our organization and its members, and designing policies and practices optimized for our personnel and patients.

In part, the creation of this team should save time and improve understanding between those of us leading the response to COVID-19. Interactions will be focused and brief, with the aims of preempting the potential misunderstandings around changes to policies and practices, and effectively and transparently communicating decisions.

To start, we will hold a brief video-conference to lay the groundwork. This meeting will not last for more than a half hour. Please respond with your availability at [insert availability poll link]. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,