Quick Implementation Guide

This quick implementation guide utilizes 7 worksheets to bring the user through the complete process of implementing policy and practice changes dealing with COVID-19. The guide provides numerous policy/practice examples from SHEA members.

Download the Quick Implementation Guide (xls)

This guide includes a list of policies and practices in 22 COVID-19 topics, sourced from SHEA Guidelines Committee members, SHEA Outbreak Response Training Program authors, SHEA Prevention CHKC authors, and MySHEA contributors.

The file pulls these policies and practices through the first worksheets so the user can reference how other facilities are handling COVID-19 to help them decide how to proceed in their facility.

The guide continues to build in subsequent sheets by auto-populating with content the user has added. By the last sheet, the user has a complete policy or practice decision, including communications strategies and measures to assess its effectiveness.

Each step of the tool kit is linked below. Within each step, the quick guide is linked in orange. If you’ve downloaded the Excel file already, you do not need to download it again.

Sheet 1: Examples

Examples from SHEA members 22 COVID-19 topics:

  • Policies/practices
  • Stakeholders
  • Influencers (facilitators and barriers)
  • Communications tools

Sheet 2: Stp 1 – What (SBAR)

Situation, background, assessment, recommendation

Sheet 3: Stp 2 – Who (stakeholder, team)

Who needs to be involved in the implementation process

Sheet 4: Stp 3 – When and Where (priorities)

How to prioritize changes/new policies/practices according to impact and effort

Sheet 5: Stp 4 – How (negotiation)

How to get to a “win-win” solution for issues where there is disagreement

Sheet 6: Stp 5 – Get the Word Out

How to craft messages and choose communications vehicles

Sheet 7: Stp 5 – Assessment Plan

Continuation of sheet 6/step 5, how to measure the change, completed as part of dissemination plan (before communications launch)