Using the Tool Kit

Introduction from the authors: development of, context for, and intended use of the tool kit, with links to a selection of implementation science-based tools.

A Guide to Implementing COVID-19 Vaccination as a Condition of Employment in Healthcare Facilities

Making the decision to require COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment (CoE) is the first step in a complex and resource-heavy process for employers to implement and execute the requirement. This tool kit provides a set of tools and materials to help with this effort.

Our intent is to provide enough information to answer questions that may arise, as well as to provide examples that can be modified and adapted for use in your facility. No prior knowledge of implementation science methodology is necessary, but we encourage you to use this opportunity to learn with the tools and links provided. In this spirit, we have provided examples of how to use the methodology. For example, we have included:

This tool kit will be dynamic and evolving with the changing landscape of COVID-19 infection and vaccination science; thus, it will have updates and additions or subtractions as needed. We welcome feedback and suggestions. Anyone willing to share their materials is welcome to do so by emailing None of these materials, suggestions, and examples are meant to express the position or endorsement by SHEA, other societies, or the authors. Each individual healthcare facility pursuing a policy of COVID-19 vaccination as a CoE will need to develop a process appropriate for its context, and with advice from counsel on federal, state, local, and other regulations and statutes. We provide these materials to offer a framework from which to launch a successful endeavor.

Last updated August 30, 2021