Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT)

  • Diagram and roles
  • Expert insight to activating, first steps, responsibilities, and process

Incident Commander (IC): oversees operation; determines which parts of the plan will be activated
Public Information Officer (PIO): provides information updates to internal and external stakeholders
Liaison Officer (LO): conduit between hospital and outside agencies
Safety Officer (SO): responsible for safety of hospital staff, visitors, and patients; monitors response and anticipates hazardous conditions or situations
Medical-technical Specialist (likely role of HE): assists the IC by providing event-specific advice and counsel
Operations Section Chief: develops and implements strategies and tactics carried out by IC (staging, medical care, infrastructure, security, hazardous materials, business continuity)
Planning Section Chief: oversees incident related data gathering and analysis and develops alternatives for tactical operations and preparing the Incident Action Plan for each operational period
Logistics Section Chief: obtains necessary resources needed by operations and planning; supervises damage reporting and control, sanitation, supply, transport, and nutrition
Finance/Administration Section Chief: monitors cost related to the incident; accounting, procurement, and analyses